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St. Mortiel : Aliciah C. Mayss by QueenSol St. Mortiel : Aliciah C. Mayss by QueenSol

Full body/Headshots : /

"Everything'll be just fine; I promise."


: NAME :

  Aliciah Chhaya Mayss





: AGE :



   Luxray (#405) :iconelectrictypeplz:


   Guts - Attack raises to 1.5 times when induced with a Status (BURN, PARALYZE, SLEEP, POISON, FREEZE). BURN's effect of lowering Attack is not applied.


   Hasty . Likes to relax

    A woman in a teen's body, she would be described as. Aliciah is a lioness with her head on her shoulders, and has learned sadly that early in life one must be self-sufficient and be able enough to even support others. The young woman finds it hard to work with others and doesn't like to be lent a hand, even if it is for her or another's good. No matter the opposition, she finds herself looking on the bright side; she prays for brighter days, but acknowledges that rainbows only come after thunderstorms, never before. She is not the type to sit back and simply wish for graciousness, however; she believes in action and deeds, and that one should work for what they want and never give in if they truly want it. She would never deign to step on others to get what she thinks she deserves, and would rather walk on eggshells than the dreams and determination of others for her and even others' benefit. Aliciah, despite her fiery soul, is a lady that desires peace and stability; calm atmospheres of balance and idyllic days with no struggles is what she dreams of, and is one of the many wishes she strives to achieve, or at least maintain for a moment. She hates to disturb the peace, and often tries to keep it; she makes it clear to others that she has no time or patience for drama and conflict, but she also makes it clear that she will never back down from a fight and will always end it. But above all, she exudes a kind and mature aura, like one a mother would convey. Don't be fooled by such prideful looks that her species displays, she's truly a maternal spirit, and would be happy to imitate such a role for anyone who is in dire need of a shoulder to lay on.

    But strife has never failed in leaving their dastardly scars on her, from her own nature to her acquired characteristics. Commonly does she damn herself for her impulsive nature, for many of the unfortunate events in her life could have been easily avoided hadn't she been so hasty. Quick to jump on opportunities was her ascend and downfall, from her rapid movements and thoughts to rambling words and quick temper. Too swift to give out her heart or place criticism on the whims of kind words and actions to horrid first-impressions and outward appearances, her own choices have backfired on her sensitive soul so harshly that she carries an air of stoicism and seriousness. Such a thing can be easily confused with pride, along with her independent streaks and poised nature (most of the time, without stimuli, of course), and she never goes out of her way to disapprove of such a thing, simply to make sure that she cannot be taken advantage of ever again. Deep inside she loathes herself for her choices, and will never forgive herself for anything she's ever done, thinking of herself always as an idiotic and immature teen that will never learn. So hard is it to make her think otherwise, for Aliciah shields away many of her true feelings from the public eye, and long, long weeks and months of teeth-pulling is required to get her to open up fully again, or better yet consider someone close to her. With her idea to make up for her mistakes in ambition and precision, a step back for her is like reliving the past all over again, and for her own mentality's sake, she'd be damned if she'd let that happen again.


   5'07" : 170 cm  ::  132 lb : 59.9 kg



   Castelia, Unova


   "Have you any clue what I've been through? Any idea of the mistakes I made? The pain I caused; the misfortunes I dealt; the guilt I still continue to endure? But that's not what I want you to think, to ponder over with all of your mind; I don't want attention, your pity, any pity. In my mind... I don't deserve it."

   Born in the depths of Castelia, Unova, Aliciah was one of the many children mercilessly and unknowingly living on a legacy of misfortunes. The daughter of an immigrant mother, the lioness was not as lucky as the dream of a new life described from her old country. Though trials and tribulation, ignorance and regret, the 19 year old ended up with a daughter she could barely care for with no lover to her name with a nine-to-five shift of hard and endless days. But no matter the cost to her or the sleepless nights, the woman cared for the young Aliciah, giving her the best of whatever she could provide and passing the weeks with a guilt-saturated heart with the fact that she brought a defenseless girl into her own struggles. But the cub never thought badly of her mother; it was nearly the opposite. Aliciah looked up to her mother, and throughout the years would fit just fine in the delusions that her mother weaved that this was simply a phase. She knew her mother worked hard and loved her. That was all she needed, and would take pride in the sad fact that she was the only reason her mother continued to try. She was loved, and that's all that mattered in the end for the both of them.
   It wasn't long before the child started to become a young girl, and eventually it was becoming harder to convince her that things would get better. Though she was naturally optimistic, Aliciah could tell from the walks around the park and looking at happy and affluent families that they were nowhere near the middle of the food chain, yet never openly complained about this to her mother, for every question asked she could see another wrinkle appear on such a lovely face. Every wrinkle she counted at bedtime on her mother's face saddened her, and it would only grow worse when the woman woke up and saw the cub staring sadly into her eyes or up at the window at the other side of the bed. It would be hard to get her back to sleep when the latter happened, for she may have been looking down at cruelly harassed persons or threats on the sidewalks and calls for help. "Fold your ears and count to ten." She remembers her mother always saying. And she did just that, no matter how many gunshots or screams she heard.
Sometimes, she counted very slowly.
   In her adolescence, the woman found it harder to curb the girl's curiosity. With Aliciah going to school and the woman's long hours, the influence of others that she always feared started to take over. Aliciah would never comprehend when her mother would scold her and prohibit her from leaving the house when she saw her with others. Bad influences she called them, and for the first time the girl would never take such words seriously, scoffing at them and replying that she had no clue what she was talking about. It was only a matter of time, from elementary to middle school that the girl was defying her mother's orders. Aliciah noticed things began to change, but only considered this so because she was opening her eyes. She no longer hid behind her mother, for she was only blocking the sun she refused to bathe in. The cub started to see the world as a gateway to freedom no matter their position in life like her friends has shown her, not as the evil and corrupt place that her mother was trapped in. Her mother never fought such a ridiculous ideal just to keep the peace. She was a tired lioness at just her late twenties, and would barely utter a word after her shift; it was as if she only came to the house to sleep and wake up later to go to another random location with the city. Aliciah started to care less and less for the wrinkles growing on her mother's face unlike when she was green. She simply saw them as stigmas of her mother's surrender to life. She would continue to grow miserable while her daughter lived. And though the years grew worse and worse, and bonds were trying to be made, the girl saw her mother slipping away. Growing into a young lady, she became more and more rebellious to the old wishes of her deteriorating mother, and only through her company would she dare support the lioness.

   It wasn't long before the girl found herself falling into traps. A girl of fiery nature and blessed, lovely looks, she was the crown jewel to any thief in her school; she never could have seen what she was bound to get caught in. She was still so naive, and by and by, she was claiming she was in love. The cycle started once again with her mother, who was set angrily aflame by the foolishness of her daughter's heart, and considered her sightless ways an insult to the woman's own warning and life in the past. It took only one argument, a desperate plea by the experienced mother to her precious daughter, for the girl to be done with the woman, promptly leaving the house to the lioness' grieving dismay. The saddened requests never reached the young woman's ears, and there was no stopping her from leaving her mother's house to escape to her lover's. Nowhere to be found, nothing to be heard; the lioness was left to wilt and wallow in her own guilt of being unable to save her own daughter. Left to her own devices, Aliciah felt like she was finally free from her mother's nonexistent clutch, but never saw the hole she was about to fall into. The mistake was so simple, but in the end within a few months, she was left heartbroken, abandoned, and 3 month along.
   Realizing the mistake she made, one that her own mother foresaw only with her own knowledge and past, she saw no choice but to go back to her own mother, who was teetering on the edge without her only source of light. It only took a reluctant knock on her old door to brighten both of the females' worlds. The guilt had a permanent place in her heart, only with the simple forgiveness of her mother. Back in her own home, their bond was once again reenforced to it's former strength, with no more smoke and mirrors; nothing but support, but an eerie, thick air of remorse lingered.
   This cloak of regret lingered until the birth of the Aliciah's daughter, a Shinx of a pale gold affectionately named after the young woman's grandmother, Chanthavy.

   The birth of her daughter seemed to be a complete 180 turn-around for the young lioness, for her own daughter and the bond with her mother took first place in her life. The two females and her education were the only things that mattered anymore, and work was simply to keep the family on stable grounds. She ever talked to her former friends again, but she simply thought of them as fillers for her new life just ahead of her; she may have got lonely sometimes, but it was for the good of everyone. It was only through her hard work that gave her the opportunity of a life time, one that her mother might have never been able to achieve. Apprehensive if the fact that she would be leaving her family behind to simply pursue her own goals, through the reassurance of her own proud mother, she left the downtown of Castelia behind to travel abroad a fulfill the dream her mother came to this region looking for, and to ultimately be the inspiration and woman her daughter could always look up to.






   HP:  ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
   ATK:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
   DEF:  ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
   SPA:  ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
   SPD:  ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
   SPE:  ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆


:: Learnset ::
:iconfairytypeplz: Baby-Doll Eyes*
:iconelectrictypeplz: Electric Terrain (--)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle (--)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Leer (--)(oo5)
:iconelectrictypeplz: Charge (--)(oo9)
:iconelectrictypeplz: Spark (o13)
:icondarktypeplz: Bite (o18)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Roar (o23)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Swagger (o28)
:iconelectrictypeplz: Thunder Fang (o35)

:: TMs/HMs/Egg Moves/Tutor Moves ::
:iconelectrictypeplz: Thunder (TM25)
:iconicetypeplz: Ice Fang (EGG)
:iconfiretypeplz: Fire Fang (EGG)

*from previous evolution





   Environmental Science
   Mandarin I
   Literature and Composition II
   Music and World Cultures
   P.E. & Health IV
   Religious Studies


   Choir : Yearbook


★   WEIGHT [ 132 lbs : 59.9 kg ]   ★   HEIGHT [ 5'07" : 170 cm ]   ★   ZODIAC [ Aquarius ]   ★   HAIR COLOR [ Jet Black : Dark Teal : Turquoise ]   ★   EYE COLOR [ Fuchsia : Yellow ]   ★   NATIONALITY [ Cambodian : Jamaican ]   ★   SEXUALITY [ Heterosexual ]   ★

★ She was voluntarily set a year back, due to being out of school while she was pregnant/on maternity leave.
★ She carries a particular spiral notebook with her everywhere. It is her private journal, and she writes in it everyday at times when she's alone with her thoughts.
★ She talks to her mother and daughter on the phone everyday at night before she goes to sleep.
★ As she always wanted to sing, she does so with every chance she gets; This is one of her few ambitions that equals the importance of her family. Her voice has impeccable range, though she always has had a lower tone along with her voice. Ask her to and she may object if you are not close, though.
★ She wears a gold floral locket with her daughter's picture in it. She never takes it off.
★ She wears reading glasses when writing and, of course, reading, and sometimes driving if she needs to. They are black with thick rims.
★ She has two normal peircings and an industrial on each ear, as well as a bellybutton ring.
★ She loves nature and likes walking about outside  
★ She sometimes makes common cat noises (meowing and hissing are common; roaring when she's angered)
★ She loves having her hair played with, but doesn't like having her tail messed with
★ She doesn't like undressing in front of anyone and hates comments about her belly
★ Don't ask her why her eyes are inverted- she doesn't like the fact that she got such a trait from her father. This doesn't affect the powers she has as a Luxray, the ability to see through objects, however.
★She can speak Khmer fluently, and has a light to mild accent.
★ Theme: Sade - Kiss of Life

© Pokemon/Nintendo
© Solkisse
© KeIdeo

On a more personal note- Aliciah's backstory was inspired by the story of one of my foster sisters, a woman that I look up to very much. I got the idea from talking to her recently.
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also, her face in that headshot is priceless
QueenSol Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I love her colour scheme to bits, that choice of blue for her fur is absolutely stunning, and the shading and specks of highlights in her hair are really lovely! I also an amazed that you could combine blue and red of these hues and make them look so good, dayum!
As usual, the history of your characters are always well written and thought out, and this lovely lady is no exception! Was a real joy to read. Good luck, i hope you are accepted!!
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QueenSol Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww geez thank you, it means a lot coming from you~ ; v ; :heart:
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